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Research and Publications
The Research and Publishing Committee of the Finnish Amercian Historical Society of the West has documented the rich and varied culture of the Finnish-American communities. By collecting and studying oral histories, manuscripts, photographs and maps, Society volunteers have produced publications exploring and celebrating a bygone era.

Our society President authors a quarterly newsletter of local Finnish news and history. The newsletter is mailed to members homes and, during this trial period, we will also be making these newsletters avaiable for download from our site.

Publications available for download:
The downloads section is being expanded to accomodate our new conversions of our archive publications to digital media formats. We are working out copyright, logistics and bandwidth issues while we test this section using the "Pioneer Finnish Home" publication as our test publication.

Please feel free to read and review the available items and Click here to comment on our conversion efforts and any ideas you think would be helpful.

Click the choice below for a menu of downloadble items and formats.

    Research Publications
    Vol.6, No.2 Special Pioneer Edition - The Pioneer Finnish Home

    Volume 156 FINNAM NEWS January 2013
    Volume 155 FINNAM NEWS October 2012 - Anniversary Edition